Ideal fencing for sheep would be 5 ft high no climb fencing or 4" cattle panels with a hot wire offset at top and bottom. Larger cattle panel openings can allow lambs to get through, resulting in a dangerous situation.


Minimum shelter is a three sided run-in shed. Ideal: barn with doors that can be closed against bad weather.

In pasture, sheep need access to shade throughout the day.


Adequate hay, water and natural seasonal forage. Can be supplemented with grain at birthing, breeding and weaning.

Hay is usually what is "horse quality" in your region. They do not need "fancy" hay like alfalfa or timothy.

More Information

Two websites are very good for general information: Sheep101.info and Sheep201.info. Be careful though, the information at these sites can be overwhelming. They present things that CAN occur, but in most instances, will not - so don't be scared.

When we first started with sheep we bought three books, and researched like crazy. This is where buying from Six Wags proves invaluable. We are "on-call" to answer your questions and give advice as long as you own your sheep. This is a commitment to you, and the sheep we produce. 

Our intent is to place our precious lambs with homes that are prepared for and willing to care for them for life.  We are available by phone, text and email for our customers. Often we can save lives (and money) by telling you when to seek the advice of a vet, and what not to worry about.