Six Wags Over Texas

Van Alstyne, Texas USA

Quality registered miniature Southdown Babydoll and Harlequin sheep. Home of the first American Purebred Harlequin sheep.

Harlequin and Southdown Babydoll Sheep

One look and you'll know why Harlequins and Babydolls are the tops in mini sheep breeds. Each offers something unique for discerning shepherds from the fuzzy Teddy Bear faced Babydolls to the spectacularly spotted, fun loving Harlequins, both will warm your hearts with unique personalities.

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Six Wags Over Texas

Six Wags Over Texas has been breeding quality, registered Harlequin and Babydoll Southdown miniature sheep for 10 years. We pride ourselves on education before and service after the sale. Experience and ethics count when purchasing livestock. Choose wisely.... choose Six Wags.

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