The Process

The process to reserve and purchase sheep is as follows:

Send us an EMAIL requesting the Lamb Readiness Questionnaire.

When we receive the completed questionnaire, if it appears we have a good match we'll ask for a deposit of 50% of the sale price per head.  Example: deposit on a Babydoll ewe is $300, deposit on a blue-eyed Harlequin ewe is $500.

Please note that if we are unable to provide any portion of your request, we will either refund the deposit or apply that amount to the cost of the lamb(s) we are able to provide.

When lambs are born, you will be notified and we'll arrange a tentative pickup date.


Babydoll Ewes

$600 each

Babydoll Wethers

$325 each

neutered rams

Babydoll Rams

$500 each

Harlequin Ewes

$800 each

Harlequin ewes with partial or full blue eyes $1000

Harlequin Wethers

Plain (not spotted) $325

Spotted $500

Spotted with partial or full blue eyes $800

Harlequin Rams

$700 each

Harlequin rams with partial or full blue eyes $800